a deck after pressure washing

You’re probably feeling the pressure of your deck cleaning project. You’ve been trying to do it all yourself but perhaps you need some help so that this job will be finished sooner than later!

If you want your deck to look new, it’s time for pressure-washing. Deck cleaning is an overwhelming job that can take long hours and lots of experience to do properly. We’re the team you need! Having your deck pressure washed is essential to making your deck look new and beautiful.

As the best deck cleaning company in Myrtle Beach, we use only the highest quality tools and products on every job to make sure it leaves our clients satisfied with their final results. Our experts are qualified professionals that provide affordable pricing rates with a guarantee of satisfaction – so give us a call today.

Using the proper pressure washing tip is important for cleaning your deck. If you don’t use the correct one, it can damage the surface and when staining your deck, bruising will occur even if they are in good condition to begin with because of how different materials react differently under water pressures like that which washes them off. Fortunately there are many types of decks out there; Composite Decks (made from fiberglass), Vinyl Decks, Concrete Decks made by mixing concrete or mortar together then pouring on top before being troweled flat while Wood Decking has been more common in southern states but occasionally stone or stamped cement might be used as well instead depending upon preference and location.

pressure washing a deck

A dirty deck is a pain, but with the help of this powerful cleaning technique you can have your house looking amazing in no time. With our deck cleaning service, you can have your deck looking like new without the hassle of working up a sweat. We will kill 99% of those pesky mold and bacteria in just 1 hour with no scrubbing required! Plus we’ll leave your deck ready for staining or painting so its long-lasting too!

How long has it been since your last deck cleaning? What is the condition of the boards on your deck, are you seeing any significant damage to them that will need repair soon? Normally we’ll stay away from soft wood areas when we clean so as not to cause further deterioration. If there’s a lot of wear and tear or if some parts have suffered more than others then sometimes recommending replacement materials can be necessary for safety purposes–since harsh weather conditions in this part of country make decks susceptible!

We are providing our Deck Cleaning Service in both Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach. So call us for a totally free quote.